— UX lead / designer / engineer with a strong focus on human-computer interaction.

I am interested in everything UX related. Also, I am interested in research, design, programing, testing, scaling with tools, adopting standardized processes and best practices.

My aim is to always identify and prioritize critical issues that help to define the scope of any project in order to deliver the highest impact for the end users.

I am highly goal-oriented and I find great pride and satisfaction when implementing ideas that are complex yet easy to use.

Based in Switzerland. A1 Mobile Marketing project

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A1 Mobile Marketing project

A1 Mobile Marketing

User Analyses, Information Architecture, Style Guide Driven Development, Prototyping, Implementation, Testing

4 min read

Sonik Media project

Sonik Media

User Research, Branding, Information Architecture, UX Design, Implementation

3 min read

Bintegra project


UX Design, User Analyses, Mobile First Design

2 min read

Telemach Self-Care Portal project

Telemach Self-Care Portal

User Analyses, Information Architecture, Style Guide, Responsive Web Design, Implementation, Testing

3 min read